2013 Boyzie
2012 Lavaman
2011 Terror Kid
2010 Otis
2009 Mr. Killa
2008 Luni Spark & Electrify
2007 Luni Spark & Electrify
2006 Mr. Killa
2005 Boogie B
2004 Mr. Killa
2003 Tallpree
2002 Sheldon Douglas
2001 Sheldon Douglas
2000 Zingo
1999 Sheldon Douglas
1998 Inspector and Scholar
1997 Inspector
1996 Randy Isaac
1995 Ajamu
1994 Black Wizard


The first National Soca Monarch was held in 1994 with the Black Wizard donning that first coveted crown.

In 1993 a privately-run Soca Monarch was held at the Sugar Mill Night Club, with Inspector walking away victorious.

In the past 20 years the Soca Monarch has grown into the biggest, most profitable, most anticipated show of the Carnival season.

Mr. Killa and Sheldon Douglas are tied for most Soca Monarch wins at 3, with Inspector and the duo of Luni Spark & Electrify on 2 victories each.

Ajamu and Black Wizard are the only Artistes to win the Calypso Monarch and the Soca Monarch titles in the same year.

Sheldon Douglas (1999), Boogie B (2005), Mr. Killa (2009), Otis (2010), Lavaman (2012) and Boyzie (2013) have all won the Road March title in the same year as the Soca Monarch.


Dexter Mitchell




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