Inspector at royal lounge.jpg

Photo courtesy Rick Francois

On Saturday January 30th, Island Mas hosted its annual Grenada Independence Dinner and Dance at the Royal Lounge, Wembley, London.

Grenada’s Veteran, the Hitman Inspector was the special guest Artiste, marking a return to England after a four-year absence.

The anticipation for Inspector’s return was very high, as he has undergone a rejuvenation of sorts, with tunes such as Horn Manual and Razor Blade in the past two years, which have become instant classics.

On stage for almost an hour the holder of 11 National titles went through his entire repertoire, even including a Michael Jackson rendition, all while showing off his on-stage skills that have made him Grenada’s greatest entertainer.

A very excited Inspector has expressed his gratitude to Island Mas for the level of professionalism associated with the event and to the Patrons for the outpouring of love and the continued support.

Inspector now heads to New York for another Independence event, on Saturday, February 06th at the Paradise Ballroom in Brooklyn.

Preparations for Inspector’s 2016 Carnival season are well on the way with regular studio work forming part Inspector’s busy schedule. Also there will be a very special announcement in the very near future about another unique feature of the impending carnival season.

Contact for Inspector Bookings –  1473-403-1455 / 1843-217-5719

Dexter Mitchell



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